Primary 6 Culloden Battlefield Trip

Yesterday Primary 6 visited Culloden Battlefield and had a fantastic day. They learned about some of the key figures on both sides of the battle and about some of the objects that would have been used at the time of the Jacobite Uprisings in 1745.

We then visited the visitor centre and learned all about the lead up to the battle and used lots of interactive technology to help us. We even got to see Bonnie Prince Charlies sword and the sweat stains on his waistcoat. There were lovely volunteers who showed us some medical equipment that would have been used and we got to hold swords and watched how soldiers would have loaded their guns.

After lunch we went on a tour of the battlefield in very authentic Scottish weather. We stood on the Hanovarian battle lines and reinacted the musket line that was used to defeat the Highland charge.

We had such a brilliant time and can’t thank our leaders, John and Cat enough!


Primary 6 January/February 2017

We have already been really busy so far this term in Primary 6. We have begun our Jacobite topic, learning all about the family tree of the famous house of Stuarts. We have looked at the main events that led to the Jacobite uprisings. We split into groups and used our school I-pads to do research about events such as the battle of Killiekrankie, the Massacre of Glencoe, the Union of Parliaments and the road to Culloden.

The pupils have been learning about the importance of using sources to access the past and have been reading lots of first hand accounts of different battles. They have been learning about the importance of separating fact from opinion in learning the truth from sources in history.

The pupils have been creating their own tartans in art using the medium of paper weaving and have gone on to painting tartan patterns to create kilts.

In French, we have beein learning about French names for animals. The pupils have created their own French poetry and have designed puppets. They are going to perform these poems to the Nursery Pupils after the February weekend. It will be lovely to see them meet their future buddies!

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In maths, pupils have been learning about time in our class and have created personal timetables. They have been looking at time durations and have used timetables to plan journeys. In our maths sets, we have been looking at fractions and division. All pupils have made good progress when learning their tables facts.


We had a talk from the NSPCC and learned lots about what we should do if we have worries. We als had a talk from the SSPCA and  learned lots about how to care for our pets and we talked about what different pets need from us.

We have so much more to do before Easter and will keep you updated!